Shante Broadus Mug Shot
That's the wife of Snoop Dogg, alright! Shante Broadus' mug shot was taken in June 2008 after a DUI bust. Shame.

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ddaaaaammmmnnn!!!!!!!!!!....i cant believe it.i watched fatherhood and she seems like a no nonsense type of person that wouldnt allow anything like that happen to her or her family.this pic scared the hell out me...what made her go and do something like this,im just curious.i would expect snoop to do something like this but not her,her kids must be hella embarrassed! i guess you get influenced when you marry the dogg...or should i say under the influence.lmao


OMGOSH SHANTE lol.....that is so--well i'm speechless I mean she don't even look like she's the type to get a DUI....but its in some way funny to me!!! But what are mugshots for to caught you slippin' ohwell we have our days right!!! Acne we get it Make up who needs it---I gotta defend my mother lmao! "Beautiful As Ever"


At first I was sad to see a sistah being exploited like that but then I thought about all that stuff she was saying about she dont want people talking to her and how she dont care about fans of snoop, I'm not even a snoop fan but what she was saying was very offensive, Now look at her, ""She had a great make up artist on the show where is he or she now and could'nt she afford proactive?"

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