Sexy Situation
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino gets his freak on in the Jersey Shore hot tub. Gross? Yes. But what a player.

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This dude is absolutley the grossest. Man, he has no bounderies and respect for his body. Man, he has more miles on him than an airplane. What's going to happen once his 15 minutes are over and he is sitting in his home with a disease infested body and a mental breakdown from behaving like a whore. Double standards still exists in this society. But this isnt the average double standard. He has no values and principals. He puts his trash out for public viewing. At least make yourself look like you have some class and dignity.Grossies. He is getting girls cause his body... a man can never have both. His face is old looking and he isnt that old. I was suprised he has some wrinkles and sun spots. Guy needs rest and a facial...biggo honker nose too...the situation is the situation in the middle of his face... grow up and wrap it up you nasty trick

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