Sexy Miles
Miley Cyrus checks out the backside of a fellow dancer at a concert in Club 1515. She took to the stage in Paris to promote her new album.

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Miley is not doing anything wrong, she is wearing what she wants to wear, and she works hard for her body so she should be able to show it off. She is a teenager, even if she does make mistakes she is allowed to, because she is a teenager. Miley is a beautiful teenager and doesnt have to be covered up if thats her choice, shes almost an adult and she can make her own choices. If you dont like what she does stop looking for "her mistakes" because thats all people do now to bring a celebrity down and its not fair. Miley can do what she wants, when she wants and no one can do anything to change it.


@Victoria: dresses like she's 'loose'? Really? What century do you think this is? You can't dress like you have no morals. A person can be dressed conservatively and have no morals. Don't be so narrow-minded. She's not abusing any power, she's taking what's rightfully hers as a human being: the right to embrace her sexy side. She's not trying to be a 'role model' for little kids anymore. And no, she hasn't gone 'down' faster than Britney. (It's sad that a young woman expressing her sexuality is considered 'going downhill.') At 13 Britney Spears was drinking. At 14 she lost her virginity to an 18 year old. At 15 she was doing drugs. And she started taking 'racy' pics and dressing the same way Miley is dressing within a year of becoming famous compared to Miley doing it within 3 years.


Wow!! she's gone down even faster than britney!! I can;t believe that she claims to be a role model for kids, then abuses that power and dresses like she's loose!!

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