Serene Staub
Danielle Staub looks so normal at the Three-O Vodka Bubble Launch Party. You'd never know this reality TV star is an ex-con and former drug addict.

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you forgot Prostitute and Stripper,..I am guessing The Staub family must be Whoreified! It`s Not enough that half the state of New Jersey has seen her on stage at clubs like "Shakers", "Satin Dolls" and "AJ`s". All topless clubs! (dont belive it? look it up.) She insists on draging the Staub name threw the mud and showing her girls how to prostitute ones self to the media. WTG! Danielle, Bet yah cant wash this trck off.

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Three-O Vodka's Bubble Launch Party
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Danielle Staub is a cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She's easily the most controversial contestant on the Bravo series.... More »
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