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Doesn't Ali Lohan look like she's gonna cry in this picture? We don't even blame her for doing so. Girl is 14 years old. What is she doing dressed like this in Times Square?!?

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no i don't think she looks like she's going to cry i think she's soooo focused on what she has to do to achive her real dreams which to model weither she freezes her bunns off or what ever it takes to succeed in modeling good luck to you aliana oh beautiful I LOVE YOU ALIANA FOREVER GORGEOUS


as i've said in the past it's most likely freezing that she can do it just shows how great she is so you gals out there don't be haters until you have walked a mile in alaina shoes if you have tried modeling and failed then it just shows that you are haters which shows your losers


ali only trying to make a career in acting or modeling, but you know i wonder, how many of you have went further than she has like keep your jobs by doing something illegal,! i bet there would not be to many stone throwers, ali i love you, but stick to modeling these pictures prove that, thats your field play in it love


when you have your boobs pushed up by a dress or bra or whatever
you'll only ever get the gap in the middle if you've had a boob job.becuase of the implants
i do like the lohans alot and everything
but i dont see why celebrities hid stuff
because they're being watched all the time
so were going to find out anyways


Lol I agree. In times square, with that gown-thing, in the DAY. And the road just makes it seem like she's waiting for someone to hit her.

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