Rycroft, Melissa
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Melissa Rycroft looks great in a bikini. Right, Jason Mesnick?

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melissa i think ur a real pretty girl and i do feel sorry for u its just that every things happens for a reason and now ur taken pics of urself wat r u trying to b a playbunny look he dump u cuz he thought u wront ready to b a step mom k saw get over it and stop tring to be a cliberty cuz ur not it like everyone gets dump and ur not the first and if we all got dump we would all b celernbty k


i think jason is a real jerk for doing that to her. melissa is a very pretty woman and she could get better then that asshole. he can have molly because she seems like a stuck up lil girl. and they wont last anyways. she is to young for him. also jason needs help because he dont know what he wants in life.


Jason is a real "JERK" That guy has no idea what he wants! Malissa deserves someone way better.She was way to perfect for him anyways.
I do feel bad for Ty.... hes dad is a yo..yo.EMOTIONAL DRAMA!


verdaderamente hermosa, con un rostro expresivo, bello y un cuerpo muy ajustado a su rostro: delicioso.