Running Adorable Errands
All couples should be as adorable as Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry. They are seen here, running errands.

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I think that Adam and Drake make a really cute couple.


Adam deserves every second of happiness he can grasp from his life. He seems like a kind, smart, funny, intelligent, talented young man who embraces his life and the lives of others. His charity work is inspiring, his voice is celestial, and his smile can light up the universe. By the way, I am a 56 year old seriously Christian professional woman. I've never been sure how I feel about same-sex marriage, still am not, but when 2 people are committed to one another (stil a little early for that with Adam and Drake) there should be some recognition of their love.
The Bible often talks about adultry and we don't vilify all the adulterers (hello, Gene Simmons) in this world, so why the attitude toward gays. Okay, off my soapbox !!! Whatever your beliefs, Adam, God blesses souls like yours.

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Out with Adam and Drake
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