Rumer Willis: Beautiful
Or not? Do you think Rumer Willis is really worthy of People's 50 Most Beautiful status or is the magazine just trying to be all edgy and different?

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I don't know why she is becoming famous, what did she do? I also find her very unattractive. She is becoming like Paris Hilton, goes everywhere and has her photo taken. I wish the media would just ignore her and she would disappear.


Rumer willis is so ugly! What is up with her chin? She is obviously in pictures because of who her parents are there is no other explanation. What you can do with rich parents. She does not even know she is making a fool of herself. People might read this and think we are jealous of her but believe me we are not, we just all feel so sorry for her. How Demi and Bruce produced such a homely ugly person is beyond me. She should not be in People's most beautiful people. The other issue is she is not even a good actress. I saw her in the movie with her dad and she can't act at all. I am not even sure plastic surgery will help her.


I hate to be mean because no One is perfect but this girl is NOT a beautiful person. I guess mom and dad can buy you the way though....


She is making a fool of herself. She is not model/actress material. She is a little chunky with a huge chin and let's face it, she is a homely girl. Poor thing.


This poor girl is not even a little bit pretty. I am not saying this to be mean, but that is why these rich girls think they are better than everyone. The media feeds them false compliments just to make them look like fools.

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Rumer and Lindsay
Rumer Willis. She is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She's also the step-daughter of Ashton Kutcher. Not a bad position to... More »
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