Robin Thicke and Miley Twerk
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Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus perform live at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

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YEEAAHHH BOY....Hot...enough said...don't like it....don't watch it. Enough bitching about how you want her to be. Enjoy it or don't. Your choice.


Firstly she needs to dump that D-bag manager who started her down this road.Twerking originates from the black race & coincidentally So does this manager.He wants to turn her into some Unique Funky white can do black Act thinking this will bring him attention & therefore more money.He's such an ignoramus he does not know that this 'Twerk' is not the correct 'Dance' of African tradition.People need to do some research, also, before they start spewing out false accusations about Miley's family,and assassinate her verbally.Talk about filth.Why don't you talk about That video Robin Thicke TRIED to put out or his goddamn
Ugly suit, or the fact that he is being Sued for Stealing his Songs?Why Not, Ay?
BTW Baron, Miley has never been
Hannah. That is called 'Acting.)


She is turning into trash, very disappointing, I'm embarrassed for her parents, they sure aren't, they should be. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!


I couldn't believe how disgusting Miley's performance was. There was some young kids there which that wasn't cool at all. She is trying to be someone shes not so it looks gross. Well that puts her off being a role model for under 18. She needs the Lord in her life. shes going over board...I dont care for her anymore..she has no respect for her self....


Unfortunately, this picture made Miley look like she was mentally challenged. Her choices of late have not been to her credit. I hope she gets her head on straight very soon!


Miley is trying way to hard to be edgy. And it sucks. It just makes her look desperate. And I actually like her. I wish she would just stop, because whatever she is trying for, its just not working.


Really disappointing. You turned yourself into a tramp just to get some publicity. I can't believe that Hana Montana grew up to be that stupid.