Robert Carnes, Jr.
Robert Carnes, Jr., is Akon's business manager. He was arrested for allegedly laying out Suge Knight and faces an aggravated assault charge.

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its plain as day that suge arranged them 2 murders,maybe more,i have to say though,suge knight is one big beast,so,you have to show robert carney jr.respect because hes a minority really...what i mean is,everyone talks about whipping suges ass BUT THIS MAN DID lol


yo dennis, dennis dr cooper. you was robert carnes' brother? quit talkin shit, hes my brother, cousin, and uncle twice removed, and he never mentioned you. you used to tutor biggie? so what, i made him pancakes every day for 16 years, goddamn! i also used to tie tupacs shoelaces every tuesday for 4 months up until his untimely death. word on the street was he was going to employ me as his main rhymewriter and start worshipin me like some kind of deity. also, ever heard of that album dr dres chronic? yeah, that was me, dre was always takin my shit and puttin his name on it. but i still found time to go have sex with the extended family of p diddy, at his request of course.


Suge is a bully and a clown. Someone needs to put him out of his misery. C'mon this guy had something to do with Pac's death! Looking forward to the next Suge knight knockout!


Robert Carnes is my brother, my younger brother to be exact. If he serves someone, you best believe it, they deserved it, because he's the kind of brother that don't look for problems but very well able to address them as with all 22 of my father's sons. I have never wished a beat down on many people, but know this, I use to tutor Biggie and if Suge had anything to do with his death, then a beat down is not all he deserves

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