Ring of Fire Performance
Adam Lambert wowed the judges with this performance of "Ring of Fire." He remained a major fan favorite.

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My God, this is the song that turned my life upside down and I am still joyously spinning! This song separated the men from the boys. How courageous of you, Adam, for going out there and treading when no contestant had dared to go. You have set the bar so impossibly high that, although I am grateful to AI for bringing you to us, I will never again be able to watch that show, IF I ever watch it again, without feeling wistful that I am not watching you. Wait, what am I saying? I Will get to watch - you've gotta make videos of your songs so we can see you, too - and hear you from now on because, Adam Lambert, you have arrived! There's no turning back now, baby! (Not that you would want to!).


Adam's version was so "UNBELIEVABLY HOT!" as Randy Jackson often says on AI. Just like Smokey Robinson appreciated Adam's "Tracks of My Tears", I bet 9 to 1 if Johnny Cash were here today, he, too, would have appreciated Adam's interputation of the song. Whether you're gay or straight, that performance could get your blood boiling. A HUNKA,HUNKA BURNING LOVE.

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