Rima Fakih Bikini Picture
A Rima Fakih bikini picture is always a treat. Granted this one's the first we have ever seen, but a treat it remains.

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As a former Hollywood Madam, I could see she had sex appeal and spunk during the pageant, so she was my #1 pick. She looks like a cross between Sandra Bullock & Kim Kardashian. Glad she finally broke the pageant's manufactured "Miss innocent" mold.
-Cheri Woods
Author, Death Row Madam


raw3aaa rimaaaa w fa5er elna la lebnen w lal eslem w la jnoubbbbb aham shiii cz ana benet jnoub kamen nawarteeeeee ahlaaaaa bi rabiiiikkkk ya jnoubiyeeee:D::D w ma yhemik 7ada w ma trede 3a 7adaaaa ok mwahhhh good luckkk


The Bikini is Made by KandyWrappers not Vix .... (Same owner as 1690 Swimwear) get it right ;)


Fantastic figure! Her appearance, physic, expressions are superb. She can became heart throb for Indian audience. She can act in Bollywood movies.

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