Rihanna's Fashion
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You gotta love how Rihanna dresses for concerts. Even more ridiculously than she dresses for day to day life, it turns out!

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Yeah Yeah Yeah, So Hard

Rihanna performs songs from her new album, Rated R, on tour in Paris. What a hottie and a great singer, too.

Hit Rihanna Style

Rihanna knows how to make headlines for her hit music, and also for her fashion sense. Look at this girl. Wow. Just wow.

Rihanna Fashion Statement

Rihanna's latest fashion statement is another doozy. Ooooh. Look at that. What a way to go.

Rated R and Live

Rihanna performs on stage in Paris as part of her Rated R concert tour. R for Rihanna, not restricted access. All are welcome.

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Rihanna Rated R Tour
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Rihanna looks like the slut she is. Why does she have to go ths drastic, what is she trying to prove. Chris Brown does not want this crazy bitch anymore. Thank God he found out what she is really like. RIHANNA IS A SLUTTTTTTTTTTTT AND A CRAZY BITCHHHHHH


Can rihanna please use some of her money to buy herself some fashion sense. I'm just saying!


ok..mayab thats cool..but i think that outfit was alittle extreme.. to b honest i prefer the 'pon de replay' rihanna, not this 'hard' gal!!!!!!!!!