Rihanna Topless Picture
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Rihanna goes topless, and is rather scary in the new issue of Vogue Italy. Goodness, what is the point of this?

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Black and White Rihanna

Rihanna looks a little scary in this picture from Vogue Italy. But hey, that is kind of the appeal ... we're guessing.

Rihanna Vogue Italy Pic

Rihanna looks good in Vogue Italy. She always looks good, of course, so that's more a testament to good genes than Vogue. Give it up for her DNA.


Rihanna is looking a bit like she's into S&M in this photo from Vogue Italy. We like her in every photo, but it's a little on the creepy side for our taste.

RiRi Vogue Pic

We are not really sure what Vogue is going for here, but they seem to dig Rihanna in all sorts of crazy getups. Nothing wrong with that.

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Rihanna: Vogue Italy
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wow these pictures are quite a leap from her usual


I have to say as an art-form, I don't like this too much. She is stunning and I'm not taking anything away from her. Actually she put sme in mind of Grace Jones aliitle here.


I think that all this stuff looks like costumes & this is what the people of High fashion call "stylish, and edgy" rihanna is beautiful and this is fashion get over it