Rihanna Bikini Photograph
Rihanna in a bikini. That there's what it is.

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cris brown and rihanna will more likley have another blow up ....................................@diesel1russian {gedofy sparcoughf)cell#1-778-709-1793


ella es una artista muy bella y sexi,
she is a arts very beatiful and sex


I was in Walmart a cpoule months back, and some lady over heard me talking to my cousin about paying 30 bucks for cellulite reducing cream. And she told me to take a hot bath once a week filled with 50 to 100 tea bags. (All natural)… Caffeine in the tea tightens your skin. And reduces the bumpy look. I’ve done this evey week for 3 months and my cellulite is practically gone besides a few but its way better then before. After I take the hot bath I rub regular lotion on my thighs and legs and its been working pretty well. Plus the tea gives your skin a fake like tan but more of a bronze and it looks beautiful… hope this helps!

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