Ridiculous Rose
Amber Rose struts her nearly naked stuff alongsied boyfriend Kanye West during fashion week in Paris. This may be the dumbest-looking outfit we've ever seen.

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but she is showing a real body her breats definately dont look fake and her upper thighs are thicker than the average model - so I can appreciate that for a change !


I might vomit after seeing this. who goes out in public like this? I know strippers with more decency.


who on earth let her out in public in that shredded thing?? awful awful awful!!! and kanye is ok with this look???


Well, at least with this outfit, readers will know how to accessorize in order to make thier thighs appear HUGE and the their head seem SMALL!!! Won't even comment on the pancake boobs popping through the cutouts.......


And yet u gave her 7,7/10 ?!

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