Reggie Bush Girlfriend?
Was Reggie Bush cheating on Kim Kardashian with Carmen Ortega? Certain sources say so.

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i am glad he is no longer with kim anyway she ain't nothing but a whore.just because she is pretty don't mean nothing look how her and ray j.made a sex video together exposing herself with another man having sex when i heard the news about him finding another girlfriend i said:dam i'm glad he left that her FOR SOMEONE ELSE.sign so dam glad


She has pretty color eyes, nice body, but her mouth ruins her face. I think Kim is waaaay better looking; Reggie what are you thinking???

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Carmen Ortega Biography

Reggie Bush Girlfriend? Carmen Ortega is a Hispanic model. Not much is known about her, except her measurements: She stands 5'2" and weights 115 pounds. Ortega... More »
Full Name
Carmen Ortega
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