Reggie and Kim
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They broke up for awhile, but it's all good now. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are together and happy.

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i think theres nothing wrong with a balck man going for a white women if his rich or not.. their are alot of white queens too.... and i think theyhave the right too choose


Totally agree, as soon as black men have a bit of success, they go for any/all kinds of other woman except their own kind. It has to do with the HAIR. They want their children to have GOOD HAIR (as Chris Rock says soo they think that their money can buy GOOD HAIR. Is your black queens not worth your you branch of to any other type woman that has non-african hair??? is that it or what??? In my opinion, i think that is exactly what it is apart from them being unattractive as well. They don't think that the black women is good enough/pretty enough/not worth their millions!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just don't understand the black man. Soon as they go pro- off to any kind of women other then the blask woman. His mother should have raised him to only turn to a black. These black men run after all the women that white men dream of being with. This is nothing about Love see no color. That's just an excuse they use to condone their inappropreiate behavior. Black men stay with your God given Black Queens.