Ready to Whip it
Eva Longoria looks like she's ready to crack that whip, a la Britney Spears. Or a la your local dominatrix.

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For Eva, I'd like to be a slave, my whole life, is she asks me.
She is so beautiful, and powerful with that whip, it would be a pleasure to serve her. Eva I pray for you to become your slave, maybe you have a few slaves, but I'll work harder. I'll do everything u ask me, and if not, you got your whip. U can also hit me every day as much as u want, the only thing then i'll do, is count and scream how mucht times u hit me. I kneel for U and your power, I'll make you the most powerful woman of the world. Every men will work for U!


in click upload, and lower the whip baroness eva longoria in drawing.


in, when entering the web and tighten in up and down my drawing the whip baroness eva longoria. i had pictures like fall.


eva longoria and his whip, would like to try uff. in, a fan climbed up a picture of eva longoria fantasy drawing in brown leather dress very elegant, a black leather coat in the style and obvious baroness with a whip. come and pinch the web upload. stick them whit photos of eva, is cool with whip in hand.


I would whip her. WOW, the last photo is outstanding!


DIVA!EVA IS DIVA! Evu every men wished to!sexy and hot

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Eva Longoria in GQ Mexico
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Half Nude Eva Longoria Eva Longoria may be the best looking woman on television. She actually goes by the full name of Eva Longoria Parker now that she's tied... More »
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Eva Longoria

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Anybody in their right mind is for Obama. [As for Sarah Palin], I like her. I think she's smart and intelligent. I don't think I would want her running the country...I'm not going to vote for her because she's a woman. We disagree on a lot of issues and that's why I support Obama and Biden.

Eva Longoria

If I have two hours before I have to go to set, I will run to the spa and get a massage and sit in the jacuzzi.

Eva Longoria
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