Ready to Ride Spencer
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Heidi Montag poses seductively on a Las Vegas bed. Just gross. Well, unless you're Spencer Pratt.

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Flying the Coop

Are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt done with The Hills before the show even finishes airing? Would anyone care?

Hack Vegas Showgirl

Spencer Pratt's wife Heidi Montag has morphed into something barely recognizable at this point. Seriously, is she some stripper at a low-rate club? Who would willingly have that done to their face?

Spreading it Out

Heidi Montag makes you wish Valentine's Day were every day. And makes you thankful you are not in this room right now.

The Final Rose 2 Night

Heidi Montag looks like she's yearning to get with Jake Pavelka in this photo. That or Spencer Pratt. Both are kind of stiff.

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Speidi Valentine's Day 2010
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Heidi u look great ang i wish u would pose like that for me


hun, you look like a transvestite


Heidi can u breath through ur nose?????


its a big mistake that you made and i hope that everybody says it to you , sorry if you don't understand but i'm talking in FRENCH


I totally agree with amy's comment. She has aged her self alot yuk


She aged about 10 years after that surgery. She so doesnt look 23, she looks like a middle aged prostitute. Oh dear :(


Her chin makes her whole face look fat now, yuck. now it looks like she needs a chin IMPLANT to make her face look thinner, get rid of the JOWL like look Heidi, its NOT good for you! Ew!!