Racy Demi Lovato Pic
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Weeks after she entered rehab, this Twitter picture of Demi Lovato surfaced. We don't know who leaked it, but: shame on them!

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shame on them? really? plz. she should have thought before posing. people need to be careful what gets "documented". Besides it looks like she's the one holding the camera. She asked for it.
probably publicity. "any publicity is 'good' publicity. right? whatever.

@ nanalle1234

so she's not holding the camera. the redhead is. doesn't really matter. she posed. she knew better.


well she shoulda know not to do something tht risky on her rep.but who eva leaked is such a jeak


Saben una cosa, el cambio de Demi fue demaciado brusco,porque esta bien, ella era de su propia manera y tenia que cambiar porque ella no se queria asi misama, ¿pero este cambio? porque Demi era muy niñita, me refiero a niña chica pero, ahora es una completa adulta y todavia no entra en la edad de los 20, me sigue gustando la musica de Demi, pero al escucharla no me da el entusiasmo de antes...!!


hae demi whta name


damn so sexy


I bet Joe Jonas is jerking off right now