Rachel Uchitel
According to unreliable sources, Bones star David Boreanaz had an affair with this woman, Rachel Uchitel. It took place while his wife was pregnant!

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were the facial cuts to tiger woods caused by wife or car crash? hospital staff would know, air bags didnt deploy, that speed such a short brief distance from his residence? somethings rotten in the state of denmark,


Good on her! Use as many men why not! they only think with one thing! and its the stupid women who marry these men and have babies with them that we should say are the real whores! married women selling themselves and selling their souls! really is it not better to be free spirits?


Bet the whore has some very proud parents.....then again, she is probably no worse then athletes/"rock stars" who proudly brag about screwing hundreds of women...all classy women of course.


This Rachel Uchitel sounds to me like a real Hollywood Whore. Does she sleep well at night? Would not want to give her anymore credence than she deserves, which is none!

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Rachel Uchitel
Rachel Uchitel works in the VIP department of the NYC club scene. As a result, she meets many celebrities. One of them was Bones star... More »
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