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Rachael Sacks makes no apologies for being rich. She's got a one-finger response to the haters, in fact.

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By looking at her I wouldn't think for a minute she has money so I guess the only give away was the bag she was carrying. I don't believe her assumption they were rude to her because she had money (don't humble you'r self sweetie) but maybe it was this attitude that she believes she's is better than that cashier which had the unfortunate encounter on waiting in this brat. I think the only attention she gets is bank from daddy and needs the attention. Sad. She needs to go spend that loot on some nice clothes, a manicure and a new stylist. To me she looks like the average girl on the street.


she is very ugly both inside and out this girl needs to be knocked down a notch, she may have money, but she obviously hasn't done any good with it, besides the physical factors, her teeth, her hair that looks as if it has not been washed in a week, her clothes that look as if she got them off a vagrant, let alone her posture, and her face. The first thing i would spend my money on if i was her was some proactive and teeth bleaching.

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