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Rachael Ray says she does not regret this 2003 photoshoot for FHM. Why should she? It garnered the self-centered food guru lots of attention.

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The fotos are too cute, Rachael is very good at what she does
in the kitchen, makes my hopes come to mind if someone in this
world will help me get to England to study Culinary Arts, the
goverement won't so is there someone whom will, just need a loan


i am having a wax muesam at my school we were suppose to write about someone who inspires us so i chose u. if it is ok i would like to ask u some guestions were r u from? how old r u? r u married? do u have any kids and if do tell name? wat is ur favrote recipe u have? and some extra stuff please tell me i need the information down by nov.13 but if u could get it down sooner please write love brooke

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Rachael Ray in FHM
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Rachael Ray, FHM
Rachael Ray, Dunkin Donuts pitch-woman and one-time respected chef. Yes, the cooking icon spells her first name like that. We used to... More »
Glens Falls, New York
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