Rachael Ray, FHM
Rachael Ray posed for this racy shot in 2003. Don't worry, though, folks, she doesn't regret it at all.

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Rachael u go girl. You look good and have a great body. If you want to do it again go full speed ahead


I'll tell you what, if that shoot was actually done at age 35 she is now even hotter in my book. I figured 25 on those photos....she is a great example to young girls as to what a normal (great) looking woman looks like, and she is a self made person. 5 stars!


Rach looks great! I remember one episode of her vacation show were she
spent time in Hawaii. She looked great in that black bikini on the surfboard. Her Mom should be proud of Rachel, after all, FHM is not Penthouse or Hustler !


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Rachel Ray FHM

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Rachael Ray in FHM
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Rachael Ray, FHM
Rachael Ray, Dunkin Donuts pitch-woman and one-time respected chef. Yes, the cooking icon spells her first name like that. We used to... More »
Glens Falls, New York
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