Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton
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Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, the best man and the maid of honor at the Royal Wedding, share a smile. What a decadent affair!

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I am seeing a different view. I guess the present events- have shown Harry and Pippa- just happy-in-laws- just excited at the wedding just happy. If indeed Pippa marry the Duke- Percy- that will be win-win and Harry marries chasy Davy- will be happy for these "lovely " great heroes. I admire all the characters. Makes good for a great novel- how things turns ut win-win for chelsy Davy and Harry, Pippa and George Percy


Nothing is wrong- why- william and Harry are two different people. The two families will live in seperate houses. And that is just "Cool." The only thing is- "No diversification." Same people- But biologically- nothing wrong. They can make friends- for "diversification." For love-security- i guess- it is there- wht they are "familiar and used to- less "stress- going to start searching for new relationship- that will "Be on and off- relationship." Larry indirectly established "relationship with Pippa-via the sister Kate." I vote "yes"- nothing wrong with it


Harry falling for "Pippa" means kate is "a great girl- good indeed and the entire middleton- kate's family are good and nice to be with. Remember- Harry has been seeing Pippa the number of years "Kate and William has been around." What it means "They like what they have and nothing is better- ok." My dad told me - what it means. Ask harry- he will tell you- how he feel. Harry- do what your mind tells you. Harry hurry and get your wife- is "picking-wife time- don't miss the "good girls- or "ones you love." Opportunity calls but "once."


Yes- nothing is wrong if harry marries pippa- it shows 'deeper love." I have seen so here in Maryland- "two beautiful sisters married to two brothers." I asked my dad a retired "college professor." My dad said is "a great thing." Is great ok. They will love it


wouldn't be shock if they keep it in the married of harry and her getting married next, It's just something they would do. sad but true


The dictionary definition of decadent is "A decadent person or group has low moral standards"... is the suthor of this sentence implying Prince Harry Pippa Middleton the 2 little bridesmaids and pageboys are decadent??? What a silly comment!!!