Pretty in Paw Print
This picture of Megan Fox was taken by Paw Print. That's a magazine dedicated to animals.

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So if the bottom half of your right arm just seems to disappear in your crotch area, and you have no pants on... where do you think it went? Fisting for Dummies or innate talent?


i sent you a email already but this is the right one love your pictures iam new in the email world its pretty cool fans can let you know how we feel about your acting modeling whicth hot and beutiful i love wild life your fox pictures remind me when i seen one pomona diamond bar hills when i was younger boy well have a good night stay hot! your fan

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Paw Print
Paw Print Pictorial
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Megan Fox Biography

Controversial Actress
Megan Fox is best known for her role in Transformers and, well, for being absolutely gorgeous. This is an actress on the rise. She often... More »
Megan Denise Fox
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Rockwood, Tennessee

Megan Fox Quotes

[It will ]be a badass movie. It's just going to be a popcorn-visual-spectacle, summer film.

Megan Fox [on Transformers 2]

I really enjoy having sex. I’m young and have a lot of hormones. I’m always in the mood.

Megan Fox