Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears
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Jamie Lynn Spears really is pregnant this time. The National Enquirer was so prescient when they made that story up a couple of months ago. Who would have guessed. Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears is, of course, 16 years old. The father: Casey Aldridge.

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jamie please dont become like your sister brittany


She's going to turn into a slut just like her sister..


i feel bad for her she is stupid to have a baby at that age!!!!!!!16!!!!!!no!!!!!!!


It actually doesn't suprise me! I mean look at her home life, her sister isn't the best role model. Brittany pretty much ruined the good home life that she had. Plus, I dont think her parents were really good parents any way. I mean what parent lets their kid go out with a 19 year old. At that point, one would have to assume that she would have sex! All I have to say is...Good Luck Jamie!


she is a real pretty girl to ruin her life with a kid at a early age!! not saying kids are bad but they are stressful when you are that young I wil be 16 tomorrow and I cannot even think of having a young one yet!!