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That's what Lindsay Lohan is. One who poses for photos. You gotta love this train wreck.

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Looking For Indrina?

Lindsay Lohan looks confused, like she is on the hunt for something she cannot find. What could elude her? A new cougar lover perhaps?

Probation Violator

Lindsay Lohan violates probation so hard. Look at this girl. What a mess. What a flat-out mess.

Future Jail Bird

Lindsay Lohan is headed to jail ... if there is any sense of fairness in this world, at least. Please. Let a higher power make it so.

Linds Action

Lindsay Lohan poses. That's what she does. Poses for photos. Not a lot going on upstairs, there, but what can you do.

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Lindsay Lohan in Cannes
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Nice Dress cut off at the bottom with the strings all hanging down, not to men1tion it is uneven, couldn't she afford a minidrss? Looks like trash