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It's Polina Polonsky! This woman claims to have engaged in a six-week affair with Lamar Odom.

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No respect for her body! The way she said "He sure isn't good about using protection!" like she doesn't have a say/ responsibility. I guess it goes without saying for her that anyone can f her without a rubber unless he suggests, provides and does "the work" of putting it on. I guess STD's is a foreign word to her and Lamar- they don't remember it after frying their brains with drugs! And I guess KK just like her older sister is not worried about getting infected neither- probably too late anyways & nothing to loose.


This Polina Polonsky Is just some hoe who wants to make name for herself!! You have to be pretty low to have affair with some one husband for six months most likely she got paid for do it!! What bitch hoe she is!!

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