Playboy Cover Model
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Heidi Pratt will be on the cover of Playboy in September. Why? We really don't know. She doesn't really do it for us. But hey, if people want to shell out big bucks to see Heidi Montag pose almost nude, who are we to object.

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Gross Speidi

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag make out. Hard. It's pretty gross if you ask us, but they keep things interesting.

Spencer the Pimp

Spencer Pratt carries the Playboy magazine cover featuring his prized ho. It's hard to criticize the man for being proud of his employee.

Heidi Pratt Playboy Photo

Heidi Pratt poses naked in Playboy. Well, naked and covered by a whole mess of sheets, but that's better than nothing. Maybe.

Heidi Montag Naked

This is a picture of Heidi Montag naked and cupping her gigantic fake boobs in Playboy. We know. Kind of unexceptional, really. If you want to see some bleach blonde tramp with fake breasts, just walk down any street in Los Angeles.

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Heidi Montag: Playboy
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i like to watch the quite playboy mocel

Avatar's "THEIR" idiot.


oops! sorry for the mis-spelled words. There should have been "thier" and turn should have been "tuned" & outed should have been "out". And any other words I may have missed. Maybe I should'nt have been so hard on the "pratt's", I don't appear to be much smarter right now either.


she is really beautiful in this photo but when you have no personality all the surgeriers in the world can't keep you looking good for long. She and dumb husband, spenser are both two of the most enpty headed people on the planet. Neither of them have an ounce of talent between them. Both need to go back under the rock they came out of and stop talking about issues(which pretty much covers everything)they haven't a clue about. I feel sorry for her mom and sister and family, how embarrasing to be connected to either of them. and where are spener's family? Only his sister have we seen. Guess the rest of the family are just as embarrased as the rest of the country for both of them. There 15 minutes of fame have been up for a while now. The more they open thier mouths the more turn-outed people get. Take a hint Pratts, "no one likes you or has any respect for either of you".