Plastic Surgery SHOCKERS!
The National Enquirer's cover features some alleged plastic surgery shockers.

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what a wingnut. Nobody posts their name and pictures of their little boy and their address on Craigs list--sounds like Bristol isn't getting enough attention because she was booted off Dancing with the Stars and Levi married someone else and Gino said no to her TV show about shacking up. Tick tock tick tock--Sarah isn't getting any invitations to come be a paid cheerleader and the big date will be in a few days. Willow washed out of hair school and now is buying boxes of dye from K Mart and doing Mama Grizzlie's mop in the kitchen sink. Bristol became a joke after her failed TV unreality show and then Vote for the Worse on her dancig ability. And the two chuckles book tour was a failure. Not everyone jumping up and down an wanting to hear how to look like Grizzly Mama or her dancing bear--taking pills and vomitting isn't what Michelle Obama was recommending.

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