Plastic Surgery Addict
Lo and behold, Heidi Montag is apparently addicted to plastic surgery! Thank you, People, for the obvious cover and story.

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Looks Like Cher


She looks like a drag queen now.


She shouldn't change. She looked cute before and now she looks like a muppet. The only one who should be getting plastic surgery is her fugly husband with that ugly mug of his.


I think she looks horriable!!! I could not believe it when I saw this magazine cover honestly going to a DDD breast she is like a pin as it is. I am not against plastic surgery at all but to get botox and liposuction when you are 23 is rediculas!!!! Hedi you used to look WAY better than you do now!


Wow this is sad. Heidi was a very pretty girl (one with serious issues mind you) but this latest surgery makes her look older. Or like someone who is older and trying to look young. I can't believe she really did go this far. Sad, very sad


I think its a shame that her P.O.S husband lets her do this and that she thinks she has to do this to keep him around..remember why she even started getting work done was to keep him because he was to interested in the playmate image! I think she was beautiful from the start and shouldn't get anymore done or she going to end up looking like that actress that looks like a cat! or Jennifer grey..unrecognizable!!


Obviously she loves the attention and has absolutely no clue that none of it is GOOD, EVER! So i say lets all do what we do when someone irratates you and doesnt get the hint, ingnore her!

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