Plastic Kendall
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Kendall Jenner looks more plastic than her sisters in this photo. And that's saying A LOT.

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Looking Prim

Kendall Jenner looks prim and proper in this picture. She's the step sister of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, of course.

By Nick Saglimbeni

Kendall Jenner looks to be having a lot of fun in this photo. It was taken by

Only 14

In dark make-up and a bikini, Kendall Jenner still can't hide this troubling fact: she's only 14!

In a String Bikini

The Kardashian family think it's totally normal for 14-year old Kendall Jenner to pose in a string bikini for the world to see. We do not.

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these captions are really disturbing. oh cmon hollywood gossip. that is really rude.


anyone ever think she has a mind of her own? guess not... blame other people (parents) for what she jus might want to do herself! shes 14.. but has a mind of her own.. thats fucked up if anyone thinks she is pressured n pushed into this when im PRETTY sure SHE wanted to MODEL! do you see her wearing next to nothing on the show shes on?? i havent EVER unlike her sisters! but thats life and who gives a shit except people who have a different lifetime opinion... its 2010.. get with it or jus dont look.. its that easy!


everyone just needs to calm down there are so many girls out there that are hoes and having sex this is not even close! the only reason everyone is hating on her is because shes famous and shes a kardashian you have to give her props..she is an AMAZING model and at such a young age if i could model like that i would be and im fourteen and im not a whore. i have only made out with a guy! everyone just needs to calm down its not a big deal she isn't even wearing a sluty outfit so cool it


We all have to feel a little sorry for Kim,Kloe and Kourtney and now Kendall. They are all so over sexed and "trampy", men use them and then toss them away. I blame the has-been mother Kris. She could have garnered respect by sending them all to college, their all AIRHEADS!!


ita not like shes not doing playboy or nothing -_- my god people shuttupp


14. I understand it's modeling. But erotic modeling at 14? What happens when she's 22? What are the emotional effects this is having on her mind? I believe as time goes on we will see more of this among children (10-15yrs/age), because this is how media is being portrayed to children at this age, what was not acceptable 10 years ago is acceptable with open arms today.


guys i know the kardashians are a wreck..but hey...shes just modeling. no big deal. its not like she has her clothes off....


I think the Kardashian family needs to keep Kylie and Kendall out of the spotlight. I mean seriously, they already have three famous daugthers.