Pippa Middleton's Dress
Pippa Middleton looking amazing in a raspberry-colored dress at the wedding of Camilla Hook and Sam Holland in Scotland. She's so pretty.

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Hah! Fuschia would indeed have been an issue. That cakercd me up. Pippa was helping with the little girls and the train the whole time she didn't have a hand free for flowers, so it didn't look out of place. In an average wedding though, where there aren't long trains to wrangle, bridesmaids without flowers might look a little spartan.


NO! That was a very long time ago and now that things are not all the dame and I have learned the last thought possible, it is not all the same to and will be a little differant for me. Other family thoughts have influenced me in almost every thing but nothing when they are not around it is how I was raised to fit in with every one, so stop being scared to tell me what you think, only if you feel that we are close enough. love to hear your words.

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Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton is the sister of Kate Middleton. Kate married Prince William in April 2011, but it's her younger sister who's getting... More »
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