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Adrianne Curry thinks she's a lot more important, and a lot better looking, than she actually is. We wish she'd go away.

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kicks her ass adrianne. she was a nobody before getting booted from her 1st reality show. all she has done is reality. at least you have earned your fame!


shes a dirty ass slut who neeeds not to be modeling...shes not pretty shes not attractive and shes not sexy...cover the shit up get a real job and do something with your life...get over yourself your nothing...your a piece of shit who has nothing going for yourself...stupid bitchh


Adrianne Curry IS A NAME TO REMEMBER UNLIKE MEGEN( HOopdee ),LOL Who wants a millionaire, oopps !! Megan wants a millionaire is the most ridicouls and stupid show, find me love, money what ever you want to call it. And it was'nt the best choice to make by anyone. Go work hard for what you want in life like everyone else does. Instead of shaking up with 20 guys and EEwwww you get the picture...........


please, she look like a young liz hurly mixed with mila jovovich! tell paris hilton and her no butt to go away! H8rs

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