Pia Toscano on Idol
Pia Toscano on American Idol Wednesday, April 6. In a stunning turn of events, Pia was voted off this week.

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I have to add one more thing....Pia's outfil was the ugliest thing I have ever seen...totally outdated and I believe she lost because of that too....Whoever is doing wardrobe this year should be fired.


The show will simply not be the same!! PIA IS THIS YEARS WINNER hands down! She has the same propensity of a career as Celine Dion has been blessed with. I think most of America thought she had it in the sack and therefore, tended to vote for their second or third choice in hopes of improving their chances as well! Planning on seeing you in concert one day, PIA! God will provide! Many tears all over America tonight!!

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Pia Toscano on Stage
Pia Toscano made it to Hollywood on season six of American Idol and is back for more! She auditioned for season 10 in New Jersey and... More »
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