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Melanie Brown is starring in a Vegas show called The Peep Show. The name says it all.

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I remember my first time at at a "Peep Show" because when I got in the booth no sooner then I get in there then this finger comes wiggling through, well I don't know what to think at first seeing this finger and then it hits me "Oh that person wants me to stick my dick through the hole" So I put on a condom and Wow get an orgasmic blowjob to which I'm blown to orgasmic joy. If there wasn't AIDS I'd be tempted to wanna eat cum from from your savoring nut sack to my ever waiting cum thirsty/hungry mouth for my pleasure so I could gurgle your man juice in between my lips and have you tell me that only a good cocksucker swallows what hes given and I beg you for your ever heavenly orgasmic release into my waiting mouth.


I remember my first time at a "Peep Show" it was well orgasmic to say the least. When

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