Paris and Prince Jackson
Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson leave church June 26, 2011. Michael's eldest two kids are doing well.

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i try to see some charactiristic of michael in prince.. i dont see it yet so i had my doubt. they say he looks like his uncle randy. idk. wether or not and the fact that michael took him in and gave him his last name is good enough for me. i could be wrong cus i dont look too much like my mom. they say boys favor their mom and girls their dad. idk.............


I know for fact that they do not have facebook, myspace or any other site. I go to the same school has Prince and Paris. Pluse I am one of Prince's friends. Let me also add in. NO HE DOESNT HAVE A GIRL FRIEND. Grandma said no dating till 18. Because that is one of MJ wish. The reason for that is that he wants to keep his kids saft from growing up to fast like his brothers did.


Are beautiful,the childrens michael,I love so much
god bless ..............forever..


I don't think they have one.


I Like prince and paris :) Whats your name prince and praris Facebook/Twitter please ! :)

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Paris Jackson Biography

Paris J. Pic
Paris Jackson is the daughter of Michael Jackson. She has an older brother, Prince, and a younger brother, Blanket (also Prince,... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Paris Michael Katherine Jackson