Paris and Debbie Rowe
Paris Jackson and Debbie Rowe in a cute photo from Twitter. Here's hoping mom keeps getting her the help she needs!

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Paris jackson is a girl like no other
Just the stress in her heart and mind that makes her fill so down and lonely
I am 1 of micheal fan ever always had and always will he took some right step and some bad ones to I hope she takes to good ones.
People who try to hurt her are just jealous not more, so be who you are paris and be in the good side always
Am a friend from a far place who love to be a close friend of yours
Anyway take care and be happy always.

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Paris Jackson Biography

Paris J. Pic
Paris Jackson is the daughter of Michael Jackson. She has an older brother, Prince, and a younger brother, Blanket (also Prince,... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Paris Michael Katherine Jackson