The Real Housewives of OC throw down!

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And these women represent the "elite" of OC - what a shame!
Yes money does not buy but class - that is for sure when you watch these Housewive series! They are the Hill Billies of the "elite" class! Once poor and slept their way in to money!


Has any of them ever read Emily Post? No one has any boundaries and they trip over each other to see who can be the rudest. The ever egotisical Jim, he is so nasty to his wife and how can you leave your wife behind?
Vicki needs therapy for low self esteem, of course she does not see it, but how can you get involved with a man with four kids he does not support nor have a job or a car? Give her a Dr. Phil book. Tamara needs a book by Emily Post probably the most. She needs to butt out of other peoples problems unless they ask her opinion.
Alexis needs to call the hostess and ask if she can bring a guest. Very rude, but she does not have the class that she thinks she has. All the money in the world does not buy class.

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