Oral Sex Sign
Oral sex, anyone? That's essentially what Elyse Umemoto is asking when Miss Washington 2007 flashed the universal sign for cunnilingous. But since we don't have that photo, here's a diagram.

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Hmmmm...fucking mouth is fucking good :)


Ham- a person like Elyse who can fluster an entire editorial crew of a sophisticated rag like Hollywood Gossip to cause them to misspell several times. I guess the person who distributed these photos and the person who wrote the adjoining caption has no life. Satire--what I just wrote.


This is a great pic! And thanks for teaching me the universal sign! I love cunnilingus!


There is no O in cunnilingus. Well, usually there's a big "O" at the end, but that's not how you spell it.

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Oral Sex Sign
Elyse Umemoto was named Miss Washington 2007. She also finished third at the 2008 Miss America Pageant. The beauty queen is now best... More »
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