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Susan Boyle had a blast performing on the Today show. She appeared to hype her album, "I Dreamed a Dream."

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Like everyone else in the world, I fell in love with Susan the first time I saw her. Susan is definitely more than the sum of her parts. There's something magical about that Scottish Lass! How else could she instantly win the love and admiration of all who cast their eyes upon her and whose ears are touched by her beautiful voice? I am indescribably happy--no, thrilled--that Susan's first week of her debut album has done so well. However, I am not surprised at all. She has the world in her spell, and they are compelled to pay homage in the only way open to them. Everyone wants Susan Boyle in his or her home for a visit. Her album is one way that wish can be granted. She is an inspiration to the world--and that is the key to her magic.

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Susan Boyle on Today
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Few reality stars have made as quick of an impression on viewers as Susan Boyle. The Britain's Got Talent contestant has become a YouTube... More »
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