On the Mend
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Rihanna is on the mend and looking to move on with life in March 2009, more than a month after Chris Brown used her as a punching bag.

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Rihanna Up Close

A close-up of Rihanna's face shows no signs of the bruising that was left by Chris Brown in early February. That is a good thing.

Out of the Darkness

Rihanna is emerging from the shadows and stepping back into the limelight, unafraid to move on with her life and put the past in the past.

Rebounding Nicely

Seen here in March 2009, Rihanna's face looks like it's never been battered. Time heals all wounds, apparently.

Live Your Life

That's what Rihanna is trying to do. Can she be successful at it or will the incident with Chris Brown loom over her?

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On the Ri-bound
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