On the Lambert
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Adam Lambert can no longer take a stroll on his own. The singer is followed around by cameras at all times.

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Adam Lambert, Looking Dapper

Adam Lambert is all dressed up and looking dapper in this photo. We're huge fans of his.

Swinging On to Glee

Adam Lambert swings into action in this scene from Glee. He is playing a character named StarChild.

Adam Lambert and Naya Rivera

Sing it, Adam Lambert! He duets with Naya Rivera in this scene from Glee Season 5.

Adam Lambert on Glee

Welcome to Glee, Adam Lambert. This is a look at the singer on the 11/7/13 episode of the series.

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If you are one who truly loves Adam, seeing him this happy should be the greatest thing....he has been so discreet and quiet about Drake all during the tour. Think how hard that must been when you are crazy about someone. He deserves this happiness and we deserve to hear him and see him sing for many years to come....YAH!!!


So handsome... I Love you...


I saw a ex boyband guy on t.v. today promoting his new reality show about underground rock artist. He had this hair from hell and ugly. He was gay. He wasn't talented like adam or good looking. Adam can bring us (the public) a little tease of that world /and we like it.
A LOT! Cause it's Hot!
The other guy is a joke and makes this whole underground group (real artist) look stupid.Perverse and dark in a sick way.
Adam is so the guy to repersent the artistic underground community.
He is so much more than just that now. He belongs to the public in a way. Get some body guards sweetie.


Adam may need some guarding. He is so Adam and he can't hide that face anymore.
He was a doll at the adwards. Class act as usal. His outfit was perfect the hair and make-up gave a hint of underground rock without putting it in your face. He is a classy guy. LOVE HIM.