On Team Alexis Bellino
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Alexis Bellino is on team... Alexis Bellino. She makes that clear with this shirt.

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Alexis Bellino (or as Tamra calls her, "Jesus Jugs") loves a good bikini selfie.

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Alexis Bellino poses here with no makeup. Do you still like her face?

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Alexis confronts the girls about calling them bullies this season

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I am very sorry to hear that Alexis may be leaving the show, her personal beliefs are not necesserily the same as mine but i believe that each person should have the right to their own choice. If she leaves it will seem like it is ok for people to bully you and get away with it, it seems to me that the main instigater in this case would be Tamra...... as for Tamra i think she is a two faced, shallow, attention seeking wanna be who has no problem stirring the pot when it comes to other people, but cannot take it when it comes to herself. Do us all a favor Tamra and leave the show yourself, entertainment is one thing but you lower the tone completly. Just my opinion............