On-Stage Antics
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Adam Lambert is not afraid to push the boundaries. Or to make out with men. He is gay, after all.

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First Tour Stop

No, this isn't a picture of the Mad Hatter. It's a shot of Adam Lambert from the first leg of his Glam Nation Tour.

What a Performer

Adam Lambert is nothing if not a great performer. He proved that during this concert in New York City on 6/22/10.

Man on Man Action

We sort of wish Adam Lambert would stick to singing. Antics such as kissing men on stage takes away from the artist's true talent.

Adam on Fire

Expect a lot of fireworks at an Adam Lambert concert. Literally! Just look behind the singer during this performance in New York City in June 2010.

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Glam Nation Tour Debut
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It looks like Tommy is trying to lick his nose and Adam is like what the heck! Still Adam even with that face, looks sexy!


Relax peeps! Hollywood Gossip isn't putting Adam down for being gay. They're supporting him. Besides I don't know what the rest of you are all seeing but it looks pretty sexy and real to me and for my part I hope it is. Lambliff is real!!!! ;)


Silly caption. ROCK AND ROLL BOYS! And thanks for the fan service!


Did you NOT get the part later on when Tommy RECIPROCATED? It aint that DEEP! It's all GOOD! It's only ROCK & ROLL!! AND ... IT IS GREAT FUN!!


I think Adam and Tommy were just giving the fans what they want, and that was Playful Rock-N-Roll Antics. I think he's learned not to go to far, but a playful lick (one that was inspired by many of his own fan's self-made T-shirts)was seriously just in fun and I LOVED it!


Yes, just give us the photos, no comments necessary. We can fully enjoy Adam and Tommy without listening to your opinions first. These two are the most fun that I have ever had with my clothes on. How can that be? Oh such bad, bad boys of rock. Welcome back, those of us who were there to experience the 70's have missed this sort of thing.


It was close to being a kiss, but not close enought LOL! Just a tease ! and I agree with others who have pointed out, a person's sexual orientation is not necessary information when reviewing a musical performance. None has ever been done before,not on Broadway or Las Vegas or anywhere else - just Adam by some media writers.


Why is it neccessary to always bring up the "HE'S GAY" LINE ? The man is super talented,has an amazing voice. That should be all that is neccessary in a review, an interview, etc. Other's don't get the "he's straight" when reviewed. Talent is talent. No other moniker is needed. Equal rights for all.