On Set Romance
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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got along very well on the set of The Last Song. And VERY well off set, according to reports.

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why the hell was she thinking miley just get aLIFE...................


he is only 2 years older than her
i know someone who is 14 dating someone who is 16
it isnt that bad, it could be 5+ years


Miley is way too young and liam hensworth should know he's braking the law by dating someone under 18.ya she's 17 but still she's fallen in love with 3 guys and after she braks up with one of them she gets another boy toy in a heartbeat. I luv her but she needs to luv someone her own age


so shes still young but 1 day its gna hurt her to much wait and see x


so shes still young but 1 day its gna hurt her to much x


Everytime I open a magazine,Miley is with a boy.


That is so romantic plus by the way he is so hot but im 18 and i still dont do that u and him must be taking it fffffaaaassssttttt