OMG! Stabbed in the Heart!
Somebody apparently was. This is tragic stuff.

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I wish that someone could ask Gloria Aldred to answer the question>Why are you defending & sympathizing with women who are committing adultery? Give them motherly advise.Tell to think with their heads and not with you-know-what. Learn to be respected. We all, men and women need to respect each other. The buck should stop here. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Anything that should be normal,normal sounds crazy, because sounds unattainable.


By the way don't go away mad just go away!!!!!!!!!!!! Gloria adred, shame on you, you are a moran too. I'm not one to deliberately offend people, am not a hateful or get even person but I truly believe what goes around comes around. WE all make bad decisions that are costly, but please people use common sense we have to learn from our bad sometimes deliberate descions


I, totally disgusted with Gloria aldred, She defends anybody! These women helped in the destruction of Tiger woods' marriage, it was his responsibility to be honorable in his marriage but these morans knew he is the most well known person on earth. They have no dignity no morals that's why they are in sin city. Did they actually believe they deserve to be ackowleged, Did they freakin ackowlege tiger's marriage. They only deserve to go away!!!

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