Olsens, Got Milk
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Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have got milk. Hmmm... then why are they so thin?!?

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Loving Milk

For the second time in her career, Taylor Swift is featured in a Got Milk ad. She must really believe this stuff does a body good.

Got Milk

Jennifer Hudson has got milk. She also has a new ad campaign that touts the benefits of this drink.

Taylor Swift, Got Milk

Listen to Taylor Swift, young music fans. It's very healthy to drink milk everyday.

Amanda Bynes, Got Milk

This is an old advertisement, but it's still worth nothing: Amanda Bynes loves her milk.

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twin sisters, with white mouth stains, and only one banana---that's hot!


Ha! Mary Kate and Ashley.. in a diet ad? i'm pretty sure one of them is now famous for an eating disorder.